Don Allen III, invents, inspires, & advises on the future of CREATIVITY

Who is Don Allen III ?

Don Allen III, a visionary XR and AI futurist. Known as the "Bob Ross" of the Metaverse, Don has carved out a unique niche in the intersection of art and technology, with a prowess leading him to prominent platforms like TED 2023, MIT, and Cannes Lions to share his insights on the future of creativity. Don honed his skills and understanding of the industry working at DreamWorks Animation, and now collaborates with major tech and entertainment companies such as Meta, OpenAI, Universal and more, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm. But it's not all about technology— he's a strong advocate for balancing health, finances, family, and community while living fully in accordance with core values and life goals. His values and pursuit of excellence are apparent in his work, and his passion for empowerment creativity is truly inspiring. 


"Instead of relying completely on AI, Allen wanted to see how the technology could add value to artwork he was already making"

"Education and representation are the keys to onboarding the next generation, and Stevenson is leading the way in that revolution"

"AR creators Don Allen Stevenson III, and Ommy Akhe. They discussed the impacts of AR and VR on the future of connectivity, mixed reality and expression"

Delivered a Keynote at MIT about AI art

Interviewed by Keke Palmer about AR

Featured on the TED Stage 2x