Define Success

Don is successful when he balances his health, finances, family, and community aspects of life well enough to live fully in accordance with his core values while actively achieving his life goals

Core Values

I value creativity, strategy, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence in all that I do. I believe in the power of gratitude, positivity, and enjoyment to drive success and foster a sense of community within my team. I prioritize personal finance, growth mindset, and influence as key drivers of progress. I also value honesty, curiosity, wisdom, and justice in all of my endeavors. My passion for art, expression, science, visualization, and empowerment drives me to push boundaries and take risks. Additionally, I prioritize sustainability, forgiveness, wisdom, legacy, compassion, support, mindfulness, mentorship, belief, simulation, personal health, nature, technology, philosophy, authenticity, open-mindedness, love, family, freedom, inspiration, learning, teaching, communication, choice, thoughtfulness, equity, diversity, and utility in all that I do.

Life Goals

I am excited and determined to practice creativity in all aspects of my life, network strategically with others, adapt to the changing world order and climate disaster, and turn my ideas into reality. I aim to express gratitude daily, spread joy and positivity, foster international communities, and revolutionize educational systems. I am committed to having a growth mindset, taking calculated risks, and living sustainably and healthily. I want to love fully and live harmoniously with nature, be open-minded, spend time with loved ones, and expand personal freedoms. I aim to be an honest and ethical role model, questioning the status quo and suggesting solutions, mentoring the next generations, and believing in something greater than myself. I hope to ignite a passion for learning in others, save what I love, and influence entities that can enable social good. I am determined to invent valuable things, fight for the light, resist temptation, and be agnostic to software and hardware. I want to assist my loved ones in achieving their definitions of success, default to mindfulness, uplift creative communities, and support those who are unsupported. I strive to communicate clearly, strengthen my willpower, align with others who share similar values, and be the best version of myself.


Don Allen Stevenson III has achieved several significant milestones in his career as an AI and metaverse expert. Some of these milestones include: