Don Allen III, invents, inspires, & advises on the future of the internet

Who is Don Allen III?

Don Allen III is an innovator and futurist, inspiring and advising on the future of the internet. With over 150,000 followers across social media, Don Allen is a leading voice in the Creator & AI community. He has delivered keynotes on AI art at institutions such as MIT and the Progress Summit and has worked with top tech companies, including Meta, OpenAI, and Universal to bring AR, VR, and AI to life. Don Allen's experience as a Specialist Trainer at DreamWorks Animation makes him uniquely qualified to engage in discussions about advanced creative technology. 


"Instead of relying completely on AI, Allen wanted to see how the technology could add value to artwork he was already making"

"Education and representation are the keys to onboarding the next generation, and Stevenson is leading the way in that revolution"

"AR creators Don Allen Stevenson III, and Ommy Akhe. They discussed the impacts of AR and VR on the future of connectivity, mixed reality and expression"

Delivered a Keynote at MIT about AI art

Interviewed by Keke Palmer about AR